Visiting Yellowstone National Park–Old Eyes, New Eyes

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Visiting Yellowstone National Park–Old Eyes, New Eyes

We took the grandchildren to Yellowstone Park last July. They were excited and loved it. I thought it had become over-commercialized but didn’t complain. No reason to ruin their first impression.

One exception: I did like the Mammoth Hot Springs area. I’d never been there before and I thought the cabins were delightful. Gophers played on the lawn. We could sit on the porch and enjoy the scenery. Each morning we walked all around the springs. Saw elk who were also trying to enjoy the morning before things got crazy-busy.

By contrast, the area around Old Faithful was never not busy. The cabins there had no view and no place to go without driving. My grandkids, however, found everything fun. Just wading in the streams along the road was fun. Actually I was the first one in. Who doesn’t like wading in a stream???

Old-eyes verses new-eyes. To them, everything was new and fun. I enjoyed Mammoth Hot Springs because that part was new to me. Something to keep in mind. If it’s new–it’s new. We should all seek new experiences

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