Other Novels In This Series

Five Novel Plan . . .

More than a series, each novel will have it’s own mystery to solve but also include an overarching mystery. Law officers always have a “big fish,” meaning the one that seems to always get away. The arc over the five novels will be how Sheriff Nielsen closes in on her big fish and finally gets him.

The first book in this series is nearly complete. I have research gathered on the other titles and kinda, sorta know what they are about . . .



Rainbow Horses: Samantha Nielsen is elected Sheriff of Drinkwater County after the suspicious death of her husband–a turn in her life she never anticipated. Even more unimaginable, her husband’s killer is stalking her eleven-year-old daughter, and because that’s completely beyond imagining, she doesn’t have a clue. She needs to wise-up fast.




Ghost of Dinosaur Bones: Dinosaur bones are more valuable than gold–reason enough for murder. That was also true 100 years ago, the date of another famous unsolved murder. Sheriff Samantha Nielsen has a source who insists she must solve the old crime to understand the new one, but she’s not sure she trusts him, or herself. Sane law officers sometimes hire psychics, but none, that she knows, talk directly to the dead.





Honor Among Ravens: Someone is trying to kill Sheriff Samantha Nielsen. After the third attempt, she realizes they’re actually after the wildlife forensic scientist working in her county, most likely because the looks-like-your-grandmother lab coat, who stays alive by luck and bumbling, recently stopped an illegal billion-dollar-a-year trade in animal parts. Two problems, the scientist-in-danger can’t see the trouble for studying the DNA, and Sam, a small-time law officer, can’t be expected to take-on a global organization. That is, if she had a choice . . .




Coyote Laughs At End of Days: Old Man Coyote, the Native American trickster, can bring himself back to life by jumping over his own shit. Some end-of-world ideas have the same ability to keep coming back to life. For that reason, Sheriff Samantha Nielsen is not impressed when a rock art expert shows up claiming the “end of days” is coded in the pictographs of her county. That is until the local Indian Tribal Council agrees and wants him stopped, and his financier, a Christian radio station owner, turns up dead.




 Dust Devil Meets Wolverine: about a friend who asks for help when his brother becomes a fugitive from the FBI because he’s supposedly a leader of a white supremacist organization. He’s hiding somewhere in Sam’s jurisdiction and they need to get to him before the feds do. Truth is, he’s not the one they want. It’s the brothers’ mother. While looking for the brother, they come across a wolverine expert trying to track one of North America’s most elusive animals and remnants of a woman’s organization going back to WWII called “Mother Nazi’s”






If you have ideas to share or know of sources for research on these topics. I’d love to hear from you–jerrie@jerriehurd.com or us the form on the Contact Page. I’m particularly interested in anyone who can take me on a hunt for dinosaur bones.