Twitter Flash Fiction

#Flash Fiction

Fiction that will fit the 142 character Twitter limitation is fun. Here’s a few of mine.


Aged, washed up, back on the shelf, she skipped regret to go skinny dipping.


A glass house had all the advantages of a scandal; secrets don’t hide, lies don’t help. Be yourself.


She suddenly realized her hairdresser’s seemingly innocent gossip had made split ends of her marriage.


The family gathering took a turn for the worse when Uncle Ray and lawyer claimed both ends of the wishbone.


Stepping out of the carriage, Cinderella slipped and broke a heel, cursed her luck, went home.


Crow’s dilemma: peck hole in pumpkin (lots of work); let squirrel knock off wall (lots of wait).


Want to amuse your muse? her father asked. Get a real job and dance to the bank.