Short Stories

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

A good short story is harder to write than a novel. It doesn’t take as long, but it’s less forgiving. Everything in a short story has to be perfect or nothing is. Jerrie’s short stories have appeared in a variety of literary magazines and been performed in the Denver area by Colorado Homegrown Tales, a theatrical group associated with West Side Books. They have not yet been collected into a book. Want to try a sample? Click to the ones listed here. Happy reading.


The Family Snake Oil

In this story, Sari figures there is a little snake oil behind every exchange of money. In that sense, her family business is as respectable as any. Only she couldn’t get her son, William, to understand. He hasn’t developed good snake sense.


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Made for Television

In this story, Rueban knows how to save the settlement, but the script writers haven’t supplied him with enough motivation. He’s supposed to be the hero, but he feels like a loser.

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Coyote Kissed

In this story, a lawyer imagines peeling off his clothes without finding anything naked underneath. He’s losing himself. The solution is to get back in touch with nature–raise chickens in the old barn. When a coyote raids his coop, he decides he needs a better, bader chicken.

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Sister Guilt

In this story, Allison learns that it doesn’t matter where you go–east, west, round the world–women carry the same baggage.

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27-inside shop 2.jpgHonest Indian

In this story a modern Native American and Indian curios shop owner finds being an “honest Indian” is about the same as trying to be Clark Kent when you you’re really Superman.

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27-inside shop 2.jpgSam Talkingbird

This story continues the one above with more adventures of an modern Indian. This time he has to live up to his reservation reputation of always knowing how to get the white man to do stuff.

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images-2Cowboys and Prairie Dogs

This story explores the conflict between ranchers who hate prairie dogs and a modern university researcher who thinks they might be a cowboy’s and a cows best friend

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